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Can You Become Immune To Creatine? What You Need To Know

As an experiment some months into I had been using creatine to boost my muscle strength, it suddenly happened to me one day whether it is possible that my body can become immune to creatine. I wanted to find an answer to this (as I didn’t want all that creatine I had been consuming every day t...[Read More]

How To Keep A Weight Training Log: Complete Guide

When effectively executed, weightlifting delivers remarkable benefits; not just to boost muscle building and attain the desired physique, but boosting your resting metabolism as well. Your resting metabolism essentially enables you to burn additional calories outside the gym. Engaging in regular str...[Read More]

How To Get Motivated For A Workout (Backed By Science)

It is not always easy to find the motivation to train, to leave the house and go to the gym or get dressed in workout gear to run to the park or to start your exercise session at home. Likewise, it can be hard to start going to the gym or doing a physical activity after the summer holidays or the Ch...[Read More]

The Best Warm Up Exercises Before A Workout (Step-by-step Guide)

Correct warm-up exercises, stretching and cooling down are fundamental to any workout program, yet they are too often overlooked. These training components are essential; however, some individuals tend to skip over a suitable warm-up program, which often makes them feel unprepared for the workout ro...[Read More]

How Long Is A Good Workout To Build Muscle?

It is a well-established fact that cardiovascular exercise does wonders for the heart, blood pressure, and cholesterol level. Whether you choose to ride a bike, walk, skate or jog, any prolonged activity that increases the heart rate will help with burning calories and melting away unwanted pounds. ...[Read More]

Deadlifts And Squats: The Ultimate Routine For Beginners

Deadlifts and squats provide a practical way to work on various muscles. Squats are the most basic exercise for training the legs, glutes and the lower body. They can be performed at the gym or home with basic equipment.  Deadlifts are known for yielding multiple benefits. With this exercise, you wo...[Read More]

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