About Me

Hi, my name is Tomasz Faber

I’m a weightlifter, love food and I’m very much interested in health and fitness subjects.

The sport is a must if we want to be healthy. A healthy diet is simply not enough! The sport has been with me since I was a teenager.

I learned that combining sport with a proper diet can give fantastic results!

From an early age, I was a fragile child, and for this reason, as a teenager, I began to practice swimming and martial arts.
Martial arts aroused in me the desire to build strength, develop dynamics and self-improve of my figure. But it was a long time ago…

And after some time of searching what I would really like to do to keep my body in excellent strength and good shape, I find out that finally I’m in the weightlifting world, and I absolutely love it!

So after the last few years of my weightlifting training, now I know how to achieve the intended goals with persistence and hard work.

The beginning wasn’t easy; I’m telling you, however…

Throughout the last few years of my weightlifting training, also some bodybuilding exercises and diet experience, I managed to make my body much, much stronger, build endurance, athletic figure, gain several kilograms of qualitative body weight without losing dynamics, and flexibility. Weightlifting is, for me, a kind of adventure and is giving me motivation on every level of my life…

All of us need motivation and strength to achieve the best life quality as possible. And I believe that by regularly doing any sports activities definitely, we can be much happier and healthier. With motivations and the energy we need, we can achieve and change our lives to what we want. Every one of us has the right to happiness!

I will do my best to provide on this site high-quality information, which can be useful in your weightlifting journey. If you have any specific questions regarding weightlifting subject, please do not hesitate to contact me via the contact page or write a comment.

I live in London, UK, where I enjoy my weightlifting training.