Does Weightlifting Cause Hemorrhoids?

There is a connection between weightlifting and hemorrhoids, but you can take steps to stay healthy.

If you are thinking of adding weightlifting to your healthy habits, you may be wondering if there are any drawbacks. Perhaps you are asking “Does weightlifting cause hemorrhoids?”

What are Hemorrhoids – and How do They Occur?

Hemorrhoids are swollen veins that appear in the rectal area. They can be either internal or external. If left untreated, hemorrhoids can result in pain, itching, and bleeding. At its worst, treatment can require surgery.

There are numerous known causes, as well as unknown causes, of hemorrhoids. Some causes can occur when lifting weights. Heavy lifting, certain breathing habits, and repeated squatting and straining are the most common examples.

It is not difficult to develop hemorrhoids. If the condition is not extreme enough to require surgery, treatment can still mean medication, dietary changes, and lifestyle changes.

It is much easier to prevent hemorrhoids than deal with them afterward. You do not need to give up your goal of weightlifting to avoid these problems.

How Weightlifting Can Cause Hemorrhoids

Each of the causes associated with weightlifting has one point in common. They all increase your intra-abdominal pressure. This refers to the pressure within your abdominal cavity that occurs when your diaphragm moves downward.

When this occurs, pressure increases in your blood vessels. It can result in hemorrhoids. Before you set aside your plans for weightlifting, though, consider an important fact. The risk factors for weightlifting are no different than the risks involved in lifting any heavy objects.

If you are capable of moving a large piece of furniture, you are capable of lifting weights. Regardless of what you are lifting or moving, you can reduce your risk of hemorrhoids.

Lifting Weights Without Developing Hemorrhoids

As the intra-abdominal pressure can cause hemorrhoids, you can reduce your risk by addressing each part of weightlifting. Your main concern should be your breathing technique. It is not the heavy lifting or squatting that increases this pressure, but the way that you breathe.

Holding your breath is an unhealthy habit, and increases intra-abdominal pressure. A smart approach is to learn and develop healthier breathing techniques before you start to lift weights. Once you are accustomed to a healthier habit, it will come naturally.

Instead of holding your breath, develop a regular pattern of slowly inhaling and exhaling. Do this periodically, until it becomes a habit. When you begin lifting weights, make sure you are practicing this habit.

Second, avoid straining when you lift weights or other heavy objects. Straining can cause you to hold your breath without realizing it. When you are new to weightlifting, choose light weights that you do not need to strain to lift.

You can add lifestyle changes to reduce your risk of hemorrhoids. Make sure to include plenty of fiber, water, and other fluids in your diet. When you avoid constipation, you will lower your risk of hemorrhoids.

What if You Already Have Hemorrhoids?

If you currently have hemorrhoids but want to lift weights, the smartest approach is to talk to your doctor. While exercise can be a useful part of controlling and reducing hemorrhoids, he may not advise weightlifting.

Your physician may recommend different forms of exercise until your hemorrhoids have healed. You should also talk to your doctor about weightlifting if you have had hemorrhoids in the past.

Are Some People More at Risk of Hemorrhoids from Weightlifting?

The risk of hemorrhoids from weightlifting can be higher for some people. One example is a person who wants to accomplish too much, too soon. He may use weights that are too heavy, strain and grunt and hold his breath.

Newcomers should be advised to practice breathing techniques and make weightlifting a slow process. Newcomers also need plenty of rest between weightlifting sessions. Until you are accustomed to lifting weights, do not do it every day.

A second example is a person with health issues who lifts weights against his doctor’s advice. It is always a good idea to seek your doctor’s approval before starting any new physical activity. Weightlifting is not an exception.

Can Weightlifting Prevent Hemorrhoids?

In many cases, lifting weights can help you avoid this bothersome condition. Along with a healthy diet and other healthy lifestyle factors, exercise can reduce your risk of hemorrhoids.

The physical activity of lifting weights can help you control your weight. As obesity is a risk factor in developing hemorrhoids, weightlifting can be beneficial.

A second reason weightlifting is useful is it strengthens your muscles. When you lift weights, the muscles throughout your body grow stronger. This includes the muscles in your abdominal and pelvic regions.

You may wonder why you should be concerned about hemorrhoids. After all, they are rarely severe. There are some important reasons to avoid hemorrhoids with proper techniques during weightlifting.

Even when hemorrhoids do not become serious enough to require a surgical procedure, they can be extremely uncomfortable. You can ask anyone who has this condition about how itching and pain affect their everyday lives.

Young women can appreciate a special benefit from weightlifting. As it can reduce the risk of hemorrhoids, pregnancy and childbirth can be better experienced.

Lifting weights when you are young can make life easier when you are older. Natural aging increases the risk of hemorrhoids as a person’s muscles become weaker.

If you start lifting weights now, you may not need to deal with this problem in your older years.

Weightlifting for Health and Safety

It is all about a slow, sensible approach to weightlifting, and a proper breathing technique. When you want the best results, it is worth the effort to learn.

Do not become so obsessed with weightlifting that you strain to lift more than you should. Do not insist on lifting weights daily.

Many individuals who decide to lift weights do not know where to begin. There are plenty of informative resources on the web, and books you can read.

You can ask your physician for advice, or consult with a personal trainer. The more you know before you start, the better the results.

Too much too soon can cause injuries and health problems, including hemorrhoids. However, these issues are generally avoidable. When you have sound advice, you will have confidence, and with confidence, you will be ready to begin.

Reducing your risk of hemorrhoids is only one benefit. You can have an exciting new hobby, and enjoy better health in the future.

As with any physical activity, weightlifting can lead to problems or benefits. If you want the benefits, you can have them. It is entirely up to you. If you do not neglect health and safety, you do not need to experience any problems associated with weightlifting.

Instead, you can have a great time and feel good after every session.

Is Weightlifting for You?

Some people should not lift weights at all, but they are a small percentage of the population. This activity is completely safe for most people, as long as they approach it correctly. Men and women of all ages and even teens love lifting weights and can benefit from it.

You can lose weight, have stronger muscles, and develop greater body strength. You can have more confidence when you become physically fit. You can have all the health benefits of exercise when you take up this new activity.

Whether you are looking forward to pregnancy, your elderly years, or the best state of health, you can lift weights. Whatever your goal for health and fitness, lifting weights can help you achieve it.

Avoiding hemorrhoids may be a small concern, but it will matter at some point in your life. You do not need any of the complications that accompany this annoying condition. You can take the right approach to weightlifting, and avoid hemorrhoids entirely.

If you are reasonably healthy, it is a super activity for you.

Avoid Problems and Have Fun

Problems and complications can occur from any physical activity. These issues are usually avoidable. When you learn everything you can about weightlifting, you will be in the best position to make wise decisions.

Check with your doctor to make sure you do not have any serious health problems. You can consult with a trainer to learn more about weightlifting and proper techniques. When you are ready to pick up the weights for the first time, you will be ready to have fun.

After you are experienced with weightlifting, you will want to share this excitement with others. You may even encourage your friends and relatives to start lifting weights.

You can help people you care about developing a healthy new activity.

When someone asks “Does weightlifting cause hemorrhoids?” you will have the answer. With the correct approach, you will not develop hemorrhoids. This exciting activity can prevent hemorrhoids.

You can use this knowledge yourself, and pass it on to others in your life. You can have a great experience with weightlifting, and not develop hemorrhoids.

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Does Weightlifting Cause Hemorrhoids?



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