How Weightlifting Affects Waist Size

For people to maintain healthy lifestyles, they need to exercise frequently if not daily. Therefore, people tend to engage in different ways of working out, but most of them worry about questions like: does weightlifting increase waist size?

The answer to such a question is No. This depends on the eating habits of those partaking in weightlifting.

Carrying out strenuous exercise by lifting heavy weights without a logical plan on how to manage the training well can result in extreme incidences of hunger than on normal days. It will make these people consume large portions of food hence resulting in an increase in abdominal fat and muscle.

From this, there will be a definite increase in the waist size regardless of how consistent and committed they get towards their weight loss routines.

On the other hand, other people will not gain weight along the waist because they observe their eating habits and only take healthy diets that would eliminate their chances of gaining unnecessary calories.

How do You Prevent Weight Gain Along The Waist?

The rule is simple. Do not maintain your poor eating habits once you get serious with exercising with the goal of losing weight. Yes, you will get hungry after you burn calories and the best way to handle the hunger issue is to eat a small amount of healthy food and balanced diets at frequent intervals.

It is wrong to make assumptions on how you need to consume more food just because the body uses the nutrients to produce energy that you will need for continuous exercise. So, avoid high-calorie food products such as fries, sugary foods and drinks, burgers, cakes and so on.

Instead, switch to whole grain meals, healthy oils, and fresh juices and fruits.

You can as well keep track of how your body is responding to the changes. If the foods you are eating lead to the positive changes you want to see in your body, then you will have to maintain it, if not, you can always shift to a different diet that brings forth the changes that you want to see.

You also need to engage in specific work out plans that work for the waist. They include crunches, sit-ups, press-ups and so on. Otherwise, lighting heavyweights will only build muscles on the upper limbs and the chest area.

Taking all these into consideration, you will achieve your mission of reducing weight on the waist.

How Does Faster Metabolism Help in Achieving Narrow Waistline?

First of all, faster metabolism results from carrying out vigorous exercise. From this, you will benefit from building muscles instead of accumulating fat in your tissues. Like the gym instructors put it, the more vigorous activity you engage in, the more muscle buildup you will achieve hence resulting in more calorie burn.

But this only works when one is committed to daily exercise without procrastination. Another critical thing to note is that weightlifting only can lead to weight loss which is not proportional to the whole body.

The solution is that you should supplement with other forms of exercise such as jogging, running, squats, sit-ups, walking for long distances and so on to improve the shape of your body.

What are The Exercises That Will Help in Gaining A Smaller Waist and a Bigger Butt for Women?

These exercises include hip thrusts which will require you to perform simple movements that engage your glute muscles more than any other muscles in your body. It is simple because you only need to sit while pressing your back against the bench while pushing up your hips at consistent intervals.

With continuous thrusting of the hips in the upward direction while supporting yourself in the appropriate position will produce results within a short period. While waiting for the change, give your body enough time to adjust and respond to the activity.

You can as well engage in lateral band walk which will focus on adding mass to the sides of your butt hence increasing its shape. You can achieve this by tying an immovable band across your two legs around the ankles and then squatting slightly while bending your knees and pushing your butt back.

After this, move slowly and steadily back and forth until you achieve your goal for the day. Another trick is to embrace jump squats. This will function as a second exercise that will increase both the size of your butt as well as reduce the fat in your abdominal cavity hence giving you a flat stomach.

The process is easy to understand since you only need to stand while spreading your feet and shoulders apart. You then follow by squatting down low to the maximum of your ability. Do this repeatedly back and forth as you repeat the same procedure until you feel inner satisfaction.

What are The Mistakes You Should Avoid When Squatting?

Avoid squatting every single day because this can lead to straining of muscles and no results at all. Instead, take a rest in between the week to give yourself to rest and for your muscles to relax.

Your body needs time to repair and heal from the soreness and muscle pull that may arise. You need to stop doing air squats without additional weights because it is the only way to get a bigger butt and a narrow waist within a short period.

You need to challenge yourself because air squats are suitable for beginners and you need to increase equal weights on both sides to increase the magnitude of the impact. You should also stop starving yourself and include more proteins in your diet.

Proteins are the type of food that helps in building body tissues, and that means you will have to incorporate them into your healthy diets. Some of the proteins that you can eat include milk, beans, lean meat, fish, yogurt and much more, including high-quality protein supplements.

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How Does Strength Training Impact Weight Loss for Both Men and Women?

Weight loss results from strength gain during healthy exercise and from this one can reap a lot of benefits. They include a reduction in the amount of body fat and increase in lean body mass. For women, the greatest joy is losing fat and gaining abdominal musculature.

It is also important to note that the rate of their metabolism will increase which is a reflection of proper digestion and adequate healthy diets. Eliminating fats in the body helps in maintain good health and preventing diseases such as diabetes, heart attack, high blood pressure and much more.

So when your body is free of bad cholesterol, you will achieve your dream body figure. This gives you the chance to gain confidence and high self-esteem about your body and fitting your clothes appropriately.

A toned figure and curves give you the chance to present yourself in front of people with confidence and the will to make it through the day.

You also benefit by reducing your chances of contracting osteoporosis and an increase in bone mass. Especially for pregnant women after giving birth, engaging in exercise will help them get their body back and also repair their skeletal muscles without undergoing medical surgery for the same.

With this, they reduce the incidences of chronic pains, general body weakness, severe secondary injuries that may stem from the effects of giving birth.

Vigorous exercise also helps in improving your mood by releasing endorphins, enhancing your daily productivity and also reducing your chances of getting stressed.

You will not suffer from depression since exercise minimizes the accumulation of stress hormones making your life healthy and fun. You will also be guaranteed peaceful nights with adequate sleep making you want to relive your past days all over again.

Every day that you wake up, you will have enough strength to carry you on throughout your normal daily activities.


Life might limit us to live for many years while still healthy, but that should not discourage us to go out there and live every day to the fullest. Health is mandatory for long life, and so people should engage in routine exercise and healthy exercise to achieve this.

You can engage in exercise at home or enroll at an affordable gym in your neighborhood. Ways of improving general health and body strength are numerous, and you only need to identify that which works best for you.

Get you a gym instructor who understands your body and what you want to achieve at the end of every exercise. The benefits are thrilling, and everyone would want to be a part of them.

So if you want to get a narrow waist or tone your muscles or achieve more great curves, there are many options to choose from to achieve the body of your dreams.

But what most people do not understand is that whatever the exercises you engage in, you need to start small one day at a time until when you can lift heavier weights and go for longer routines.

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How Weightlifting Affects Waist Size



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